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We offer educational workshops for New Jersey high school and college students. Each workshop is designed to provide the tools needed for each student to help students explore career options, build skills, and develop a professional network.


College Readiness

The workshop instill awareness about diverse career paths, enable informed decision-making, and lay the foundation for a well-prepared transition to higher education.


Alternative Pathways

This workshop embarks on a journey of self-discovery as students undertake the Holland Code career aptitude test, a powerful tool designed to assess their interests across six categories.


Professional Development 

This workshop explores into the diverse aspects of personalities and work styles, along with resume, mock interviews and mentoring.


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Financial Literacy 

The workshop aims to educate students about the importance of making wise financial decisions, focusing on buying assets rather than liabilities. 

Our STEM workshops prepares the students for the basics and essentials of Learning Lab basics, R, Python, Credit Risk Analysis & Sports Analytics, and AI.               

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